We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but habit.  –Aristotle


Getting Started is Easy At Novi Pilates!

We offer a home based studio, which lends itself to the comfort, privacy and warmth of a home, yet it is a fully equipped and professional studio.  

We recognize that although Pilates is extremely powerful, it is not magic; it must be practiced consistently two to three times a week in order to unleash its fullest potential. First, we make it easy to get started by having no membership fees and offering a discounted Introductory Package. Then, as you become more proficient, you follow a system of progressions from private, to duet, to semi-private sessions that maintain the high quality of instruction while lowering your session cost.

This progression allows you to avoid the faddish hype of Pilates founded on false promises and instead opens up the possibility of true, transformational results that only come with excellent instruction and consistent practice.

Our simultaneous commitment to high quality and exceptional value will enable you to practice Pilates the way it was intended and, therefore, reap the full brilliance of the technique in your body and life.

Each Private, Duet, or Group class is specifically personalized with a trainer and client.  Please call and set something up today to get your sessions scheduled, so that they are most convenient for you.